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The market is continually changing and learning from each other is essential today. The Internet is a universe of ideas, and is openly expanding. Communication runs through this "super highway."

Mavericks in the Market

Everyone wants to believe they are brave. The Maverick in Top Gun, grabbing that F18 and cruising the canyons. Defying his superiors! Winning the Day! The Ace, the hero - against all odds! You know what most of us aren't? Brave, leaders. If you want to be a leading company, leading companies have leading ideas. ...[Read More]
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It is a New World, Are You Brave Enough for It? Principles for Approaching The New Market

If you want to survive in an online marketplace, you must virtually market. And, with marketing technology expanding in almost every direction, keeping up with the digital explosion is a full-time job. The key to a successful strategy today is marrying automation and the human experience.  Companies that align brand message, thought leadership and search engine optimization will be what separates the leaders from the pack. If you are a small to mid-sized business, fear not, there is no reason to feel that adaptation to the new economy is beyond your budget. Everyday new solutions are created to fit a variety of needs and budgets – it is precision in the orchestration of the various subset strategies that will matter. ...[Read More]
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Ten Reasons People Resist Change by Rosabeth Moss Kanter

From the Harvard Business Review, Rosebeth Moss Kanter discusses the Top Ten Reasons why people resist change. This is a vital topic for Marketeers as our job is typically to advance change, and when you are advancing change in the marketplace for a company, it often requires change inside of a company. Ms. Kanter's bio is below. ...[Read More]
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Five Tips For Creating Motivating Content That’s Human At Its Core

Today's communication requires strategy on a number of fronts, visually, verbally, technologically, psychologically. In this article, by Mollie Barnett, Owner/Lead Consultant of The SMART Co. discusses audience how aligment strategies, creative strategies and technological strategies are often employed for a successful campain. First published on Forbes, December 2021. ...[Read More]
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How to Better Understand Customer Communication Preferences

The folllowing Expert Panel article is repost from the Forbes Communications Council, an invitation only member community that includes the top communications experts across a number of industries. Often the Expert Panels offer keen, real life insights into marketing solutions that work for a variety of insdustries and situations. In this particular post, first published on the Forbes Council website Jan 4, 2022, the panelists selected offered their advice on some unique ways in which to understand coustomer communication preferences. Link to the original post is at the bottom of the article. ...[Read More]
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