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Mavericks in the Market

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Do we still believe history favors the brave?

Everyone wants to believe they are brave. The Maverick in Top Gun, grabbing that F18 and cruising the canyons. Defying his superiors! Winning the Day! The Ace, the hero - againsta all odds!

You know how I know?

In just its second week Top Gun: Maverick, a 30-year-old story starring the same guy as last time, grossed more than $500 million dollars globally - a Box Office record.

You know what most of us aren’t? Mavericks.

Hell, most people won’t write an email without copying 30 other people on it - just to be certain their ass is covered. Even sadder, many would cook their best friend’s Goose for next week’s paycheck rather than stand up for a colleague’s unique idea.

The odd part is everyone is craving the BOLD and the BRAVE. True leaders. Someone to stand behind in business, in our community, in our government.

A 2022 Gallup Survey noted 55% of all CEOs viewed development of next generation leaders as one of the biggest challenges they are faced with today; while 63% of millennials indicated they are not developed as leaders.

I once saw a film on the psychological differences between generations and their perspectives on individualism. The millennial demographic portrayed themselves as 'whoever the moment or person dictated,' a seamless and peaceful blending of the moment. Very cool, very fluid, yet it lacked any real root or identity.

I wondered, as a Gen X individual, what 40 would feel like - when that middle age identity crisis rolled around.

"Leadership First" pushes memes on authentic, brave and bold. I share them. People “Like” and “Clap" the effort, but probably not until their friend "Likes" it first.

Korn Ferry posts essays on enterprising leadership and change and everyone agrees,

‘Change is what we need!’

‘Different is what we need!’

‘Yay, change!’

‘Yay, individualism!’

And Simon Sinek, well, everything Simon Sinek says seems positive, and great, and we clap, of course. But he also heralds the unique, individual and different. It is hard to develop individuality from a pool of collective trophy winners.

If you want to be a leading company, leading companies have leading ideas. Leading ideas come from natural leaders - people that are individual by nature.

Today, you must DARE to be different - a mantra of the 80’s, when Top Gun first hit the Box Office, because risking being different isn't often popular these days.

In the market, when you get down to brass tacks, having a message that stands out is often synonymous with having a message that is different. So , why do board rooms turn to marketing teams and request ideas that are "like theirs, only different.”

If you want to stand out, take a little risk.

Where is the Maverick in your mission? The Ace?

It is your marketing CMO, internal or external!

It is the marketeer’s job is to grab your F18 marketing budget, your F14, okay, your B52 Bomber, if that is what it is; and creatively navigate the course, strategize your mission.

They are the pilot in your dog fight, swerving in and out of the noise and smoke of the market with unique moves that put you on top of your competition. Creative and agile, working with your team (or theirs) so that you can come back victorious.

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