Content Marketing

Content Marketing: the People Mover

Content is the vehicle that drives traffic in an on-line world. It is the catalyst that stimulates action between the audience and your business, and the fail-safe of search engine strategy.

Marketing is impossible without content.

What is the content in content marketing? 

Consumable information is the short answer.

Good content, or content that works, is content that offers value, not selling value, necessarily, that benefits the business, but value intrinsic to the audience receiving it..

Content might be on an industry topic, product use, or it might be an educational tip. It might even be a value-based matter. Content can range from imagery to white papers, video to magazines. 

The purpose of the content is to attract, enage, and pull customers towards your business by establishing a relationship and trust in your brand. It is the draw into the marketing funnel.

Content marketing helps establish consumer connection and In a digital world. It is the mainstay of retention in customer relationship, and even adds to product value.

Goals of content marketing 

  • Increasing Awareness
  • Communicating Values or Cause
  • Customer Experience
  • Informational
  • "Soft Sell" Engagement, for example, 'Want to learn about...?"

Solid content marketing strategy may include

  • A reframed "customer first" narrative
  • Story branding or customer case stories that focus on value
  • Low to no "selling" message
  • New industry learning

Customer acqusition strategies

Content marketing considers the acqusition goals and marketing funnel when creating and planning content.

  • Is the goal of the content to attract and align the business with a new marketing channel? To lead potential customers to a new offering that solves an issue?
  • Is the consumer engaged with the content?
  • Is the content moving the customer through the various stages of the digital content strategy towards action and acquisition? Or continuing a relationship?

Benefits include of content marketing:

  • Industry thought leadership
  • Enhanced Search Engine Optimization
  • Brand trust
  • Increased Leads
  • New Channel Developement
  • Stronger Customer Retention and Consumer Loyalty
  • Better E-Commerce Performance

The Rise of content marketing

The digital era has created a new front door to business through web search engines.

Whether attracting an audience to your website or engaging in E-commerce using third-party platforms and partners, the gateways to finding your products and business are through "search awareness.”

Increasing market voice, and market listening, in the digital arena means winning the content war.

More is good, but good is better.

Assuming the right audience has found you, your keywords optimized -- the information you are putting out into the world needs to be intriguing, if not interesting.

Top Tacticians

SMART works with top tacticians from across a number of industries: experts in modular data, E-commerce rich data solutions, technical writing and blogging, social media, digital marketing and industry specialists. Strategies are streamlined to create content solutions that suit your needs anc compel your audience.

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