Strategic Planning

Strategy Creates the Atmosphere for Opportunity

Strategy is what separates SMART from advertising and tactical agencies. SMART maximizes your opportunities by combining go-to-market acumen with expert tactical methodology.

Mission oriented, time proven and supported by long standing relationships, with top professionals across a number of industries, we bring an experienced and competitive advantage to the table.

You have a goal in mind, we “M.A.P.” the way.

The best goals are codified in clear, written plans, with steps, methods, goals and measurements. The serve as an overriding guidance for a business and its team, and they start with good communication so the goals are understood throughout the organization, and become part of its core.

Good plans begin with good discovery. SMART Fractional CMOs begin with this process.

  • distilling the ideas and clarifying the objectives
  • discuss channels, markets, competition, and audience

SMART researches and studies the market audience for alignment, psychologies, vernacular, communications and trends, and looks for the alignment with your business.

  • creating several paths for the methodology
  • dentifying potential obstacles and opportunities

SMART plans with precision but plans for agility.

Determining the course and mapping out the steps, procedures, capital, timelines
SMART fully execute tactics using “best-practice” tacticians with decades of experience to ensure the mission is fully realized.


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