Brand Marketing

Branding, Messaging, Reframing the Story

Does your brand walk your walk? Talk your talk? A solid brand expresses the value your business presents to your customers.

Brand communication conveys the message

Clearly and consistently, your brand should be carried out in all aspects of communication. Style, tone and language help identify your business in a crowded marketplace. 

Strong brands create BIG presence.

Memorable brands come from your vision

Brands that come from you make it easier for everyone to speak the language of your business. SMART is exceptional at extracting and distilling your message.

We get into your business! We want to know:

  • What inspires your mission?
  • What did you dream for your business when you first started?
  • What is your vision for tomorrow?
  • What motivates you everyday?

Brand stories belong to the customer 

Your brand is only a part of the narrative.

In today's marketing, the focus is not on your business, but the experience and value one has while engaged with it.

Brand stories reframe communication, centering the focus on the customer experience. Inside this mindset, the audience connects with the value they receive from your brand, be it an inherent value or perceived value.

Brand stories can enhance product value through communication of brand perception.

Smart branding deliverables may include:

  • Logo Design
  • Style Sheets
  • Brand Story
  • Vision/Mission/Value Statement
  • Corporate Statement
  • Corporate Communications 
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