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AR and VR Technology: Stepping into the Future

As we continue to engage with the digital world, technologies like AR and VR are becoming more commonplace. Mark Zuckerberg released “The Metaverse” this year, placing himself in the center of this digital ecosphere, but most are still trying to figure out the real-world benefits of these technologies.

Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality is mostly real world with a layer of technology over it, where Virtual Reality is mostly tech with a little reality.

AR Technology and Practical Uses

Filters on your phone are a form of augmented reality.

In business, augmented reality has a number of practical uses, from layering tech instructions over the real object, to navigation. Industries that use AR include:

Beauty: Filters that show a new hairstyle or lipstick color

Transportation: Tech layers over phone interface show where bus/train depots are located.

Home Design: From paint colors to seeing how furniture looks in a room, AR technology helps provide a near to real picture of product in use.

Engineering: Installation and assembly instructions

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is an immersive experience where the subject is placed in the environment. Real world applications are still being discovered and normalized.

The gaming and entertainment industry have easily married the technology into their applications, but where else is the technology useful?

Education and Training

Virtual reality offers an immersive learning experience.

Virtual reality not only can bring the viewer to a location, but to a time, from exploring an archeological dig to observing a surgical operation, to exploring an historic town in its time.

On-line courses suddenly have in-presence possibility, learning is three dimensional and the subjects are fully immersed in the setting.

Trade Shows, Meeting and Exhibitions

One of the costliest of all marketing activities is the trade show.
Tradeshows have struggled in this millennium, and the pandemic has certainly pushed it to the limits.

Virtual environments are a low-cost alternative, sharing showrooms with potential buyers via innovative technologies might make sense.

AR and VR are on the rise.

They may be the tactic that helps your brand stand out.

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