Social Media Marketing

Social Media: Mixing Social into Your Business

79% of all Americans have a social media profile. *

Orchestrated with strong brand attributes inside a digital marketing strategy, social media can be a powerful brand ambassador for a business. (*Statista 2021)

Social media offers bona fide business advantages when executed correctly, including customer experience, content generation, third party endorsement, viral growth through thought leadership, PR opportunities and more.

Capitalizing on it starts with your unique business and its goals.

What Platforms are Relevant to Your Business?

Good social media strategies start with audience alignment. Where does your audience get social?

Concentration and consistency are key. You don’t have to post every second of every day however, the audience looks for consistency.

Selecting a few key platforms has proven the most effective method of influence. We want to win friends and influence people, spreading yourself too thin can results in a watered down and inauthentic message.

Leading the pack in the market

We create a competitive matrix that outlines the market, popular content and keywording across the platforms of interest and determine the right mix of content.

  • We create a phasic strategy for fast social traction including
  • Creativity
  • Consistency
  • Brand Story
  • Evergreen/Thought Leadership Posts/Value or Movement Posts
  • Calendaring
  • Planned & Benchmarked Metric Setting
  • A/B Testing and Adjusting

SMART looks for value-based engagement.


Social Ambassador Guidelines

SMART collaborates with your team to develop proper guidelines for in-company brand ambassadors. We set up training for employee social media ambassadors.

The Micro Influencer Market

Utilizing and aligning your business with top micro influencing platforms, SMART creates client campaigns that marry demographic and the influencers, allowing for authenticity that transtlates into believable endorsement.

Social Advertising Campaigns

SMART plans and create social advertising campaigns, lead magnet and capture, integrated media campaigns and influencer strategies.

Ready to get social? Let's go!

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