Audience Alignment

Align your audience with the value

There are a number of different kinds of alignments in marketing today.

  • We want to align our business with the right demographic.
  • We want to project our business values and create the right messaging that projects that to our audience.
  • We want to align how we communicate and what we communicate with with our audience.


Strategic positioning in the age of consumerism places the intention on the consumer’s experience of the product or business, aligning your message with the value of the experience, rather than the value of the product or business.

Alignment not only puts the consumer front and center but adds a new value to the product through marketing, reframing your conversation. Using the language of the customer you create a dialogue that feels authentic to the audience and facilitates connection that helps move the appropriate market towards your business.

Helping an audience find on-line places where they ‘belong’ in the vast digital marketplace creates stronger psychological bonds with your brand, aiding in customer loyalty, retention and viral sharing.


Today's brands are more than a product, brands have become an identity. Brands signal to peers values and ideas about the user.

The purchase of your brand can grant the purchaser certain qualities through their their alignment with your business, a form of "virtue signaling." Use of your product signals that alignment and connects users  with that brand value.

Your brand needs to project its value identity in all ways to its intended audience. It is part of your total brand value proposition.


SMART works to align your business and market demographically and psychodemographically, in fact, this is where it all starts.

  • What is the best audience for your product?
  • Where will you gain the most traction?
  • Where do you need to be? Today? Tomorrow?
  • Where is your competition?
  • How does your audience communicate? With each other?
  • What matters and motivates them?
  • How do they identify? Talk to each other?

Audience identification, motivation, values, communication technologies and behaviors are all SMART alignment strategies important to connecting and motivating the market.

THE SMART Co, New York