Website Design & Development

Meeting your audience where they live means meeting them on-line. 

67% of all business transactions begin online*

...and growing. Your website is a foundational pillar of your marketing. (*Statista '22) 

SMART wants you to fully appreciate your website and it's potential:

  • How to use it.
  • How to change it.
  • How to scale it.
  • What it can do, should do.
  • What it costs and what it saves.

SMART builds sites that are able to adapt, evolve and grow. We construct website strategies with clarity of mission and communication. building trust throughtout the process to ensure complete satisfaction in outcome.

"As a marketing strategist, if asked what the most important quality is in developing your website is, my answer would always be 'clear communication and understanding of the process,"

Mollie Barnett, Owner, SMART Co.


SMART web design and development starts with clear understanding. From our approach to our creative and approval process, and even outlier variablesincluding  domain and web hosting, scaling and administration, we cover all processes.

Based on your individual goals, your SMART website strategy will likely encompass:

  • Discovery Phase
  • Architectural Stategy and Mapping
  • Creative Concepts
  • Data/Integration Analysis
  • Approvals
  • Coding/Programming
  • Testing
  • Launch


From bespoke coding to distiguishable creativity, SMART team members have been recognized in the industry for everything from artistry in our design strategy to innovation in our programming.

Testing, Training and Launch

SMART creates and programs websites for ease of use and FREEDOM.

We program for resilience, longevity, integration, flexibility and scalable growth. But best yet, you own your website, code and design.

Want to add a page? Go ahead. Move hosting? Fine with us.

It is yours!

THE SMART Co, New York