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Belize RFP Play Again

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In a bid to reposition the Belize Tourism brand, strategists from the SMART Company focused on the customer experience of the destination.

The unique value offered in Belize vacation activities includes the “first time experience” of genuine, authentic offerings not often found in adulthood -- the kind of experiences that form the bonds and connections created during childhood ‘at-play’ experiences.

Play Again.

In Belize, where the vacation is about activities and connecting with history, environment and nature, sports, and each other, you are ‘at play.’ You are reconnecting. It is an experience unique to the Belize vacation.

The simple logo not only emanates the ‘play’ symbol but also the bright and cheerful colors of Belizean sailboats, offering familiarity, duality, and simplicity in its happiness.


The campaign was introduced in 2013 but was recently recalled by the Belize Tourism Ministry for review for possible use.

Today the “Play Again” is even more relevant. After the pandemic the sentiment resonates even more with people than ever. People need to reconnect with nature, authenticity, experience, and each other.

Not every campaign with be chosen by every client, some will be altered, sometimes not for the better, but that is just how it goes.


Belize Play Again.

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