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SATCO Products Inc. Messaging and Visual Communication

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SATCO Products, Inc. is a 50+ year lighting distributor/manufacturer working mostly in the B2B space. During the company’s tenure it grew without paying mind to the promotional side of marketing selling mainly on price, product and its distribution model.  

By 2018, the company had grown tremendously, with hundreds of representatives and multi-line representatives and several market channels. While the logo was easily recognizable, the myriad explanation of what the company stood for, what they sold, and how to sell the variety of products had made it clear it was time to codify the messaging into a more substantial brand.


Through a discovery process involving interviews with top level executives, customers, representatives, editors, warehouse workers, and several other industry persons; a mission, value and vision statement were completed. From there, a general plan was codified to include a complete messaging strategy that would assist in:

  • comprehensive understanding of the company’s overriding valuescodification of
  • communications through corporate communications
    • Brochures, sell sheets, trade shows, websites
  • visual guidance through the various catalogs of products
  • clarification of market channels and SATCO’s UVP as it pertains to each individual
  • channelvisual guidance through the various catalogs of products
    • use of colors, iconography


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